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  Love Even More by Dr. Darren Weissman   The Heart of the Matter Show  

Observation enables us to witness possibilities swirling in suspended animation . . . formless clouds of pure potential. The infinite universe reflects patterns of behavior, biology, and nature as a means for each of us to realize the power of being mindful. Regardless of life's mirroring we often forget how intertwined we are with the natural world and the choice we have to acknowledge our wholeness. I'm sure you can relate to times while contemplating about your health, job, and relationships wishing to release, let go, get through, and be done with something or someone. But ask yourself, "Are…

Inception of the Mind, By Dr. Darren Weissman
What if you had the ability to harness the power of your mind? Regardless of life circumstances, you could activate your mind with positive intention to influence a different reality. In Leonardo DiCaprio's latest movie called Inception this concept is weaved together into a spellbinding sci-fi thriller where individuals encode ideas and thought patterns by hijacking their dreams. As much as this has been dramatized for the sake of Hollywood, it's not far from the truth. In fact, my latest book, Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind, Your Mind's Journey to Inner Peace will teach you how…


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  Bruce Lipton Interview   The Incurables TV Show  
  Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how the science of epigenetics will change your life. Dr. Lipton and Dr. Weissman also share incredible
insights on why we perceive things as we do, the reason we have emotions and symptoms and how to harness your power to thrive
Dr. Darren Weissman is profiled in this episode of The Incurables TV show as it tells the story of how Ron Mueller made a full recovery from a diagnoses of ulcerative colitis using a combination of The LifeLine TechniqueTM sessions, strictly following the the Five Basics to Optimal Health, and herbs.

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In addition, download the transcript below to this fascinating interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton.

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  No trace that there was ever a problem      

I want to let you know that Your lifeline technique has saved my left ovary, which had been twisted in half twice due to the 10cm cyst that was attatched to it. I had no blood flow to my left ovary for an extended period of time (at least 6 hours) and 1.5 litres of internal bleeding.

I only learned of your technique three days after my emergency surgery, to untwist my ovary and remove the cyst and blood. After only one LL treatment I went for my follow up ultrasound and there was absolutely no trace that there was ever a problem with my ovary.

I want to be able to help others to experience amazing healings such as I have.

With Sincere Infinite Love and Gratitude


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