"The single, most important thing a human being can learn, is how to process emotion!

"The world doesn't need another technique! The LifeLine simply raises the vibrational frequency of the individual so that their attractor field creates a life that allows them to thrive, physically, emotionally, mentally - that in turn affects others, raising their vibrational frequency also, so that together we create world peace through inner peace.

Dr Darren Weissman



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Listen to Dr. Darren explain What is The Lifeline Technique

2 Minute Tips from Dr. Darren

Why are symtoms and stress gifts?

What is T-1? Trauma minus one second

What is the Gap?



What People have to Say about The LifeLine Experience


Learn how to Communicate with your subconscious mind

Discover how to shift negative thoughts of guilt and shame into compassion and confidence.

Use the See Feel Hear Challenge for creating.

Live in the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude as a way of be-ing rather than do-ing.

Connect to the subtle energy of emotions that are influencing the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

Live knowing how to live a life of intention to manifest your dreams and desires.

Transform pain, fear, and stress.

Discover portals of possibilities where there once were perceived problems.

Observe through a new set of eyes, ears, and heart.

Love yourself fully.

And so much more all while having fun learning this phenomenal technique

Latest interview with Dr. Darren Weisman in Australia.
Listen to Dr Weissman give a Healing Circle LifeLine.


My Journey with Depression by CLAIRE,
now a Certified LifeLine Practitioner


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